Lawyer led collaborative divorce where you control the cost. Payment plans from $40 per month.

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Our process puts you in control. We have tools that let you collaborate with your ex and your lawyer. Then monitor the process through its end.

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Flexible pricing options perfectly tailored to fit your needs! A variety of plans designed to offer you maximum control. You choose the perfect package that aligns with your needs and budget. Take charge of your experience with our user-centric pricing. Our pricing puts you in control. Engage your attorney whenever needed.



Through our relationship with stripe we are pleased to offer Klarna. Through Klarna you can break-up your purchase into as many as 18 monthly payments. With each of those payments less than $40, it's never been easier to have a dedicated professional on your side.

Collaboration should remove the contest, but not all uncontested divorces require collaboration. Sometimes you have nothing to collaborate on... no property or debt to split, no children to decide custody. DivorceX provides cheap and easy access to a professionally processed divorce. Whether you have nothing to decide (basic) or everything (complete), DivorceX provides affordable access to a local attorney that will make sure the process is as painless as possible.

A collaborative divorce is where both parties to the divorce have agreed on all of the conditions of the divorce, or are willing to work together to get there. With DivorceX, you and your soon-to-be-ex select the best pieces of your separation agreement. If you can't find one that works for you, it's no big deal. Pick the provision that works best, then converse with your ex. Once you have fleshed out what you think you want, simply click the draft now button. A lawyer will then review the selection and all of the conversation surrounding the change desired, they will then write a custom provision, just for you. Once you have approved your entire agreement you are on your way!

DivorceX is a software platform that works with real attorneys in each of the jurisdictions where these services are offered. Your local law firm is completely responsible for your case. DivorceX helps your firm in providing the most efficient divorce experience on the web and we collect a fair fee for the use of our platform. Any advertisement of these services is contracted by the law firm seeking to provide those services. Click here for a list of law firms.